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Name: Quiz 2 12 Sep 2005 Write the best answer to each question in the box provided. Show your work. 1. Suppose the graph of f ( x ) has had the following operations done in order to it. Write the equation of the resulting graph in terms of f ( x ) (e.g., 1 3 f ( x + 2), etc.). (a) Translate to the left by 5 units; (b) Stretch vertically by a factor of 2 (so the graph is twice as high); (c) Translate down by 3 units; (d) Reflect (i.e., flip) around the
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Unformatted text preview: y-axis; (e) Compress horizontally to half its width. 2. Bartholemew Zacharias has to make a payment of $10,000 in 8 years. He plans to invest $2,000 now in a continuous compounding account. What interest rate does he need to make sure that he has his required $10,000 in 8 years? 3. What are the vertical asymptotes of f ( x )? f ( x ) = 2 x 2-3 x + 1 x 2 + x-2 x =...
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