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Math 119 Contents - Syllabus Contents Significance of the...

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Syllabus Contents Significance of the Course Prerequisites Course Outcomes Course Organization Required Materials Exams Grading Information Contents: 1. Lesson 1: Linear Functions 2. Lesson 2: Nonlinear Functions 3. Lesson 3: The Derivative 4. Lesson 4: Calculating the Derivative 5. Lesson 5: Graphs and the Derivative 6. Preparing for Midcourse Exam 7. Request Exam 8. Lesson 6: Applications of the Derivative 9. Lesson 7: Integration 10. Lesson 8: Techniques and Applications of Integration 11. Preparing for Midcourse Exam 12. Request Exam 13. Lesson 9: Multivariable Calculus 14. Lesson 10: Differential Equations 15. Lesson 11: Probability and Calculus 16. Lesson 12: Sequences and Series 17. Preparing for Midcourse Exam 18. Request Exam 19. Lesson 13: The Trigonometric Functions 20. Preparing for Final Exam 21. Request Exam Back to Top Significance of the Course This course is an introduction to plane analytic geometry and calculus of one and several
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dimensions for students in biology and agriculture and in business management. In many situations, from biological sciences and agriculture to business, it is not appropriate to consider variables of interest at discrete points, but rather in a continuous manner. The mathematical area that deals with variables that change continuously, rather than in jumps, is called calculus. Calculus can be used to model biological processes such as population growth or spread of a disease and business processes such as optimizing revenue or profit. The tools you will learn in calculus will enable you to find solutions to problems (such as those mentioned above) that cannot be handled with algebra (or that can be handled more easily with calculus). Back to Top Prerequisites To be successful in this Math 119 course, you must have a basic understanding of college algebra, such as can be acquired by taking BYU Math 110. A review of college algebra is included in your book in Chapters R (which stands for "Algebra R eference"), 1 and 2. Before you begin this course, you will be required to take a pretest on this material. Lessons 1 and 2 include the material in the book that you will need to review before taking the pre-test. While you cannot be dropped from the course if your score on the pretest is low, a low score indicates
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Math 119 Contents - Syllabus Contents Significance of the...

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