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Britonisnolongerimportant romansoldiersbegintopullout

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Unformatted text preview: nium. Roman Influence Roman Influence ► The heaviest influence from the Roman occupation was the church Christianity replaces Celtic Paganism Rome Weakens Rome Weakens ► Near the end of the 4th century, The Roman Empire is beginning to weaken, due to its large size and diverse population. Briton is no longer important Roman soldiers begin to pull out Few remaining become Romanized Britons and organize local defenses. Rome Leaves Rome Leaves ► In AD 410, Emperor Honorius sends an order for Roman soldiers to leave Briton. ► According to Honorius, Briton was “unimportant”, and soldiers were needed elsewhere in The Roman Empire. ► Honorius, declares that British cities must defend themselves. Celtics Celtics ► After the Romans exit, Celtic tribes observe the weaknesses in British cities and begin to attack. The Britons need help—AD449 The Britons need help—AD449 ► The Britons ask three Germanic tribes for help Angles Saxons Jutes (From this point on, I’ll refer to them as the Anglo­Saxons) Angle s Saxons eJ stu Anglo­Saxons Anglo­Saxons ► They win an...
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