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Examplesofoldenglish examplesofoldenglish anewera

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Unformatted text preview: d force the Celts back into Scotland and Whales ► At this point, the Anglo­ Saxons decide to stay and occupy the defenseless Briton and rename the country “Angle­land” ► The modern name is derived from this new name A New Language A New Language ► The Anglo­Saxon language begins mixing with the old Britannic language ► A German based language begins to form ► Today we call this “Old English”—note: Old English is NOT what they spoke in the time of Shakespeare. Examples of Old English Examples of Old English A New Era A New Era ►Beginning of The Dark Ages Little technological advance This is the result of little literature and literacy St. Augustine St. Augustine ► In 597, St. Augustine, a Catholic monk, was sent by Rome to convert the Anglo­Saxons ► This is the first major push toward Christianity ► Many pagans do convert, but most still hold some pagan beliefs and traditions (like our traditions today) ► ► ► The Venerable Bede The Venerable Bede Bede lived from 673­735 Was an English monk who was troubled th...
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