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Unformatted text preview: at England had no heroes or national pride Became England’s first and greatest historian The Venerable Bede The Venerable Bede In order to research, was among the first to devise a calendar based on the birth of Christ ► Told of past accomplishments and lives of “great” people in England, instilling pride in the country ► Wrote with a Christian bias telling of the stages of Anglo­Saxons becoming Christian. Therefore, most “heroes” were religious heroes. ► The Vikings “From the fury of the Northmen, O lord deliver us” ­ Celtic prayer ► Although they were also farmers and traders, the Vikings were most commonly know for being seafaring raiders. ► In fact, the Vikings were known as the fiercest, most brutal of all the barbarian groups that invaded Europe. The Vikings conducted guerilla The Vikings conducted guerilla attacks from their longships. Longships were designed to carry warriors and cargo through shallow waters. ► In the year 793 Viking pirate raiders sailed across the North Sea to a Christian monastery at Lindisfarne in north­ east England. They stole its treasures, murdered the monks and terrified everyone. This was followed by other violent 'Viking raids' all over Britain. They marched inland and claimed ½ They marched inland and claimed of England, including London ► Viking Axes from London 878—Alfred of Wessex defeats the 878—Alfred of Wessex defeats the Danes, a powerful navy fleet. 896—Alfred reclaims London. As a result, he becomes the first King of England ► Alfred’s secret – he required all his military leaders to learn to read ► 954—Viking...
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