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Unformatted text preview: ods of nature ► Pagans were thought by some to be responsible for the building of Stonehenge as a way of observing the summer solstice. Stonehenge Stonehenge ► Many people believe that the Druids constructed Stonehenge, The current formation was completed circa 1500 BCE. This was almost before the start of Celtic civilization. There is no historical proof that they were or were not involved. Even if they did not actually construct these monuments, they may well have performed rituals there, and understood its astronomical meanings and uses. The Romans The Romans Julius Caesar Julius Caesar ► In 55 BC Julius Caesar invades Britain for its tin trade. Although some have argued that Caesar just wanted to conquer an extra piece of land ► Within 40 years, Rome controlled most of Britain (the area that is now England). The Romans never conquered Scotland (the highlands) or Whales (moorlands) due to the uselessness of the land. These areas (Scotland and Whales) were the only safe areas for the Celts to retreat. Roman influence Roman influence ► The English were never fully Romanized Rome did, however, bring technology to the English and did set up a centralized capital Londo...
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