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Unformatted text preview: Warm Up Warm Up Which society was superior, Babylon or Assyria? WHY? The Assyrian Empire The Assyrian Empire The extent of the empire finally became too much for the king to manage. • They found it difficult to rule such a large area. •Having conquered a large number of people, they had made many enemies. •Eventually a few of these enemies joined forces to defeat the Assyrians. Who pulled these forces together? Who pulled these forces together? The Neo­Babylonian Empire The Neo­Babylonian Empire 605 B.C.E ruled by Nebuchadnezzar II King Nebuchadnezzar II King Nebuchadnezzar II Persuaded the Medes and Chaldeans to unite and conquer all of Mesopotamia, Syria, Phoenicia Realized the importance of keeping capital city (Babylon) safe. He built a huge inner and outer wall around the city. He also had a moat dug around the outer gate and temporary bridges built to cross it. The Splendor of Nebuchadnezzar The Splendor of Nebuchadnezzar The Ishtar Gate­ one of the entrances into Babylon The Hanging Gardens of Babylon­ architectural beauty of his palace Aspects of Society Aspects of Society Stable Food They continued the same methods of the Sumerians Akkadians, and Assyrians to create stable food. •Learned to control the rivers with reservoirs and dams •Irrigate using canals dug from the river to the field Aspects of Society Aspects of Society Social System Emperor­ believed to be appointed by the gods Upper Class­ Priests, Governors, Land owners Middle Class­ Merchants, Craftsmen, Farmers, Fisherman Slaves­ could buy land and freedom Aspects of Society Aspects of Society Political System Monarchy­ Nebuchadnezzar ruled over entire empire Under the rule of the Nebuchadnezzar were the governors of the cities Scribes would serve Nebuchadnezzar, writing down his laws and making copies for the rest of the cities Culture Culture Religion­ Nebuchadnezzar had the ziggurat rebuilt and made to a new height of 7 stories. Began raising honey bees to have a steady supply of honey Traded from India to Egypt. Caravans would travel back and forth bringing the best of other countries to Technology Technology •Created the first sundial­ humans began keeping time Written Language Written Language Calendar­ they kept close watch of the movement of the stars. They made discoveries that led us to know that 60 minutes were in an hour and 7 days were in a week. Mathematics- a base 60 system Their math focused on the world around them. They solved word problems that dealt with real life. Neo­Babylonian Empire Neo­Babylonian Empire Lasted only 75 years. Who’s Next? ...
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