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Unformatted text preview: Welcome to Bulgaria Welcome to Bulgaria The national flag of the Republic of Bulgaria is a rectangle with three colors: white, green and red. White color symbolises peace Green color symbolises our wonderful nature Red color symbolises the blood of Bulgarians who fought about our freedom Location Location •Geographical Location •Largeness •Borders History History •Established in 681 •First Bulgarian Empire •Second Bulgarian Empire •Bulgaria after the Second World War •Bulgaria in the European union First Bulgarian Empire Second Bulgarian Empire Nature Nature Stara Planina The Danubian Plain Pirin Mountain Our Bulgaria has a various and splendid nature with a lot of mountains,rivers,lakes,national parks and reserves. The Rose Valley T he Rose Valley The Rose Valley also known as Rozova dolina is a region in Bulgaria, located just south of the Balkan Mountains , between them and the eastern part of the lower Sredna Gora chain to the south . The valley is famous for its rose ­ growing industry which has been cultivated Tourism Tourism Sunny Beach Pamporovo Golden Sands Borovetz,located in the Rila mountai Culture Culture “Horo” ­ Bulgarian Our traditional dance clothes­“Nosiya” Valya Balkanska Famous people F amous people •Veselin Topalov – chess player ohn Atanasoff– John Atanasoff– he inventor of the electronic computer • Albena Denkova and Maxim Staviiski – world champions in figure skating Hristo Stoichkov Dimitar Berbatov Stefka Kostadinova Tsvetana Pironkova Bulgarian Cuisine Bulgarian Cuisine • • Shkembe chorba Bob chorba • Kiselo mlyako • Vita banica Bulgarian Cuisine • R akia­a traditional lcoholic drink S hopska salata ...
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