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Unformatted text preview: C hapter 8 The Rise of Europe (500–1300) Between 400 and 700, invaders Germanic, Goth and Huns, carved up Western Europe into small kingdoms. Quic kTime ™ and a TIFF (Unc ompress ed) dec ompres sor are needed to s ee this picture. Chapter 8, Section 1 Most of Europe covered with heavy forest Most Late Roman Empire Beginning of the Dark Ages the A Nomadic People call HUNS begin migration into Roman Territory Roman Originated in China Originated Moved into modern Russia, Moved Moving West, conquer Ostrogoth and Visigoth Moving Master Horsemen who attack in overwhelm force and took no prisoners. Their brutality lead many Christian to belief they were the “Four Horseman” of Revelations which foretells the end of the world and the final battle of good vs evil and Hunnic Empire Map Hunnic Germanic Tribes Germanic Invited to fight Rome’s battles decide to keep Invited part of Rome for themselves part Strongest Germanic Tribe, the Franks, headed by King Clovis King King Clovis of the Franks King Consolidated Frankish Kingdom Converts to Christianity Makes Alliance with Pope Considered 1st French King MEANWHILE in the Middle EAST Middle Muhammad begins Muhammad the religion known as Islam Islam Muhammad dies in 632 AD, Muhammad Within 100 years his followers, Muslims followers, conquer Middle East, North Africa & most of Spain Africa Mohammad's face is never shown in Islamic art Map of Islamic Conquest Map Battle of Tours 732 Ad Battle One of the 15 decisive Battle in World History Charles Martel forces battle in a hilly, wooded area, destroying the Muslim advantage in Cavalry So WHY is the Battle of Tours consider so decisive to World Charlemagne or Charles Magnus – the Great In the 800s, Charlemagne reunited much of Europe. Revived learning, Extended Christian civilization into northern Europe, Blending German, Roman, and Christian traditions, Alliances with Pope, First Emperor of the “Holy Roman Empire” crowned by Pope Leo III He was also 6’4” tall (avg. 5’9”) Chapter 8, Section 1 Chapter Charlemagne continues the fight against the Muslim invaders of Spain Extra Credit: 25 Points Extra Read Read “Song of Roland” “Song And create a Poster about the epic OR write a Two Page Report Must include one Graphic of Roland or the battle of Roncevaux Pass After Charlemagne died, his weaker heirs battled for power, and in 843, they split the empire into three regions. •Louis the German Charles the Bold Lothar Quic kTime ™ and a TIFF (Unc ompress ed) dec ompres sor are needed to s ee this picture. •Muslims •Papal Chapter 8, Section 1 Chapter QuickTime™ and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture. Meanwhile back at the Ranch… at Vikings, Demons of the Northland Northland Raiding into Raiding Europe from Norway Norway Pagan and fear Pagan by the Christians Christians Raiders,but also Raiders,but traders traders Their long ships unique design allow them to traverse the Ocean and go up rivers to Draw a Map of Europe and Northern Africa Africa Label the following Items: England Islamic Lands Vikings Homelands Rome Viking Raiding and Trade Routes Battle of Tours Paris Battle of Roncesevalles Verdun North Sea London Baltic Sea Spain Ireland BE PREPARED!! BE Test on Chapter 8 is Test Tomorrow!! Tomorrow!! Everything is Due Homework, Notes and MAP Braveheart: Outnumbered 3 to 1, Scotland Wins their Independence at Bannockburn in 1315. What do you think this American Cartoonist is trying to say about America today? trying Awk, I wish I had no come, the latest poll say we’re going to lose! Feudalism Feudalism Feudalism, a system of rules based on mutual obligations between lords and vassals, gave a strict order to medieval society. Feudalism Feudalism Feudalism, a system of rule based on mutual obligations between lords and vassals, gave a strict order to medieval society. Feudal System Feudal Chivalry In the later Middle Ages, knights adopted a code of conduct called chivalry, which required them to be 1. Brave, 2. Loyal, 3. True to their word, 4. Protect the unprotected 5. Fair in warfare, 6. Merciful & generous to enemies. Manor Economy Manor Peasants made up theDude,ajority of m this sucks medieval society. Peasants lived and worked on the lord’s estate, or manor. Manor Economy Was based on farming and selfsufficiency. Serf provided all the labor. Manor Economy Manor The Peasants or serfs worked the land and provide the Lord taxes, generally food or what they produced. Manor Economy Manor In return the Lord provide PROTECTION in times or trouble or war Manor Economy Most peasants on the manor were serfs, who were bound or tied to the land. No ownership or land or home. At the whim and will of the Lord of the Manor Agricultural Changes revolutionize Europe revolutionize Three Field System Three Corp rotation: Divide land into 4 parts, plant 3 leave on FALLOW. Next year rotate the corps and new section is left fallow. Iron Plow Stronger that Wooden version Less breaking and repair, more production. Economic Expansion and Change Economic A period of revival, known as the High Middle Ages, began in Europe about 1000. • Towns become Center of TRADE again • New Group – a Middle Class develops • Weakens Feudalism Chapter 8, Section 4 The Medieval Church After the fall of Rome, the Christian Church split into eastern and western churches. The western church, headed by the Pope Chapter 8, Section 3 Chapter The Medieval Church The Roman Catholic Church not only controlled the spiritual life of Western European Christians but was also the most powerful secular force in medieval Europe. Chapter 8, Section 3 Chapter The Medieval Church The Major control of people based on “PATH to SALVATION” Christian Salvation Concept Church Salvation Concept Jesus is God Jesus is God Died for man’s Sins Died for man’s Sins Repentances of Sin Repentances of Sin Acceptance and Faith Alone in Gift of Salvation Acceptance and Faith in Gift of Salvation Pope is God’s Commander Salvation > Eternal Life Follow the RULES of the Church Salvation > Eternal Life The Medieval Church Monasteries and convents performed a vital cultural function by preserving the learning of the ancient world. Chapter 8, Section 3 Chapter The Medieval Church The Monasteries and convents also became Hospitals for the sick and dying. The Medieval Church •As the Church became stronger and wealthier, it also became corrupt, and pious clergy and other Church members worked to bring about reform. Cluniac Reforms seeks to get church back to God Chapter 8, Section 3 Chapter Castles Center of Defense and Life in Feudal Europe ...
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