assign3 - 1 Money and Banking N. Sheflin Assignment 3 NOTES...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Money and Banking N. Sheflin Assignment 3 NOTES : go light on lr growth material in chapter 10. Review of some key macro variables . Long-run versus short-run macro- Classical versus Keynesian Productivity and Long-run growth; Production function and growth accounting equation %chY=%chA+ax%chK+(1-a)%chL where a is capital share in of output Business Cycles The Aggregate Demand and Supply Macro Model: Keynesian (Short-Run) and Classical (Long-Run) Monetary theory how the quantity of money influences the macroeconomy in both the short and long run. RBC, Monetarists READING Croushore 10 (Go light on lr growth material), 12 and a bit of 13 just definitions of dsge, rational expectations etc, and the Phillips curve from 17 Policy Perspective The Phillips Curve starting on page 378. . Also, look at my notes below as the book is rather skimpy on some of this. Meet John Maynard Keynes at: And Milton Friedman at And glance at Paul Krugmans critique and explanation of macroeconomics at KEY POINTS aggregate demand: shifts and movements along; slope; C,I,G,NX; Aggregate Supply: shifts and movements along; short-run versus long-run; Keynesian versus Classical models and policy. SHORT-RUN AND LONG-RUN AGGREGATE DEMAND AND SUPPLY MODELS. p overall price level; y real output; D demand; S -supply; C -consumption; I -investment (plant and equipment); G government spending; i=interest rate; $=dollar exchange rate i or r = interest rate Keynesian Model: short-run (0-3 years), below full-employment economy o Aggregate D&S determine y (real output) and P (aggregate price level and inflation)...
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assign3 - 1 Money and Banking N. Sheflin Assignment 3 NOTES...

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