massign10 - Money and Banking N. Sheflin ASSIGNMENT 10...

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Money and Banking N. Sheflin ASSIGNMENT 10 NOTES : Banking – History, Evolution, Structure, Regulation and Failures. Lots of bills and dates you don’t have to know. You should know Fed Reserve Act, Banking Act 1933, and be aware of the acts that contributed to and helped resolve the S&L crisis. Also Glass-Steagall and Gramm-Leach-Bliley. Lots of mention of financial innovations and products that you should know (securitization, Eurodollars, etc). Extra Credit coming, due last day of classes. Investment Game Round 3 – Mutual Funds READING Croushore 9. And look up terms not in the book in Wikipedia or investopedia And Blinder on Basel III Also remarks by Alan Greenspan in 2004 on “…some of the major innovations and changes that have propelled banks to their present state and have allowed them successfully to navigate through a rapidly changing economic and technical environment”. Some irony here. Also, Brief Banking History at And Bank regulation at and maybe Glance at Lombard Street : A Description of the Money Market by Walter Bagehot ( - just take a peek) Lombard Street began as a series of articles the esteemed essayist and financial advisor, Walter Bagehot had written for The Economist during the 1850s. First published in book form in 1873, it is a vivid description of the money market that seamlessly brings together theoretical analyses, historical anecdotes, and incisive commentary on sociology, politics, and
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massign10 - Money and Banking N. Sheflin ASSIGNMENT 10...

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