MREVGUIDEF10 - Money and Banking N. Sheflin REVIEW GUIDE...

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Money and Banking N. Sheflin REVIEW GUIDE 11/18/10 Note – we will not have covered all of the material noted below until the end of the last class – do not post questions on material not yet covered. FINAL EXAM Thursday December 16, noon Milledoler 100 ( NOT our regular room ) Course evaluation in Sakai – do after last class LAST CLASS Friday 12/10-Extra Credit due, Investment Game, and Suggestion Board Prizes awarded Investment Game ends at market close on Wednesday 12/8 Results and Prizes Friday 12/10 Suggestion Board - $10 PRIZE for best suggestion to improve the course – results last day of class Final Exam Chat room – post questions/answers for anything on the review guide and essential questions you need/offer help with. I will not be able to monitor this much – DO NOT POST obvious questions that you can look up easily Study Groups -- Discussion Boards for arranging study groups by last class Question And Answer Class – will be scheduled in early December Three course evaluations/surveys/posttest – 5 points extra credit for doing ALL. 1 after last class, 2 after the final exam The Final Exam will consist of 150 multiple choice questions worth 600 points, or 60% of grade. It is intended to be cumulative and comprehensive but not tricky or obscure . The questions will be drawn from the entire course, weighted towards what I consider the more important, and memorable, issues. The coverage is reflected in the ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS, the BIG QUESTIONS and the SUMMARY OF TOPICS below drawn from homework, big questions, and/or questions like homework questions as well as some questions from the current events we have covered and applications. Some additional questions based on the investment game, and other topics will be included. I will try to avoid asking questions requiring memorization of dates, facts, and numbers except for the few most important, and I will try to make sure that any such questions have answers that are distinctly different from each other. There are a few formulas you should know : base multiplier model, real and nominal interest rates (Fisher’s) equation), rule of 72, simple deposit multiplier – see the ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS for a list The questions WILL NOT be identical to homework questions but will cover the same topics. HOW TO STUDY This will depend on what works for you. My suggestions are: START STUDYING NOW – 30 minutes+ each day. DO NOT REREAD THE TEXT FROM PAGE 1. DO NOT GET BOGGED DOWN ON ANY ONE TOPIC. REPEAT A LOT. QUESTION YOURSELF A LOT. It is better to go through the material several times quickly, using many sources (big questions, review guide, essential questions, end of chapter summaries, etc), rather than once very slowly. The first time, focus on definitions and concepts; the second on analysis, and the third time, pull it all together. Also, do the stuff you know the first time and come back to tougher stuff later. look through the TOPICS guide (below) to refresh your memory about what we have studied this semester; if
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MREVGUIDEF10 - Money and Banking N. Sheflin REVIEW GUIDE...

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