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Contender+Worksheet+11.13.08 - Republican etc 5 How does...

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Name: _____________________ The Contender Worksheet November 19, 2008 1. How does the relationship between the Senate and the President manifest in this film? 2. What institutional factors contribute to this contentious relationship? 3. What informal features of the relationship make it contentious? 4. How would the story be different if the main character had a different identity (male, raced,
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Unformatted text preview: Republican, etc).? 5. How does party play a role in the conflict in this film? 6. Place yourself in the position of one of the characters and explain what you would have done differently to resolve the problem that character faces in the film. 7. Connect a theme from this film to one of the readings from the course. Demonstrate how it is contradicted or upheld by the film....
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