Extra+Credit+Assignment+9.27.10 - Congressional Politics...

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Congressional Politics Extra Credit Opportunity Start Date: October 4, 2010 Due Date: November 3, 2010 The midterm Congressional elections will be held November 2, 2010. Leading up to this date, you will keep track of all coverage in local print media about New Jersey races . You will submit an excel chart similar to the following in which you will document which journals you are monitoring, the site from which you got the story, which district or districts they covered, whether they included all candidates in the story or only one or however. Finally, you will summarize the article in the final column. You should give each story its own line so if there are two stories on nj.com, but they are about two different districts, they each get their own line. You must track the following required outlets , but you can include others suggested below. You are only to monitor print media, NOT TV. You are welcome to include blogs as well which you may find on your own. Remember, you will only report NEW JERSEY races and only local coverage (New York and Philadelphia media we will count as local for our purposes.) Extra credit will be given in the form of extra points on exam scores. Depending on the range and quality of your report, I will add extra points onto your lowest exam grade. The maximum amount of extra points is 10. Date
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Extra+Credit+Assignment+9.27.10 - Congressional Politics...

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