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Common Ions

Common Ions - Common monatomic anions and polyatomic ions...

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Unformatted text preview: Common monatomic anions and polyatomic ions. Name F ormula Name F ormula Name F ormula fluoride F- sulfate SO42- hypochlorite ClO- chloride Cl - hydrogen sulfate or bisulfate HSO4- chlorite ClO2- bromide Br- sulfite SO32- chlorate ClO3- hydrogen sulfite or bisulfite) HSO3- perchlorate ClO4- iodide I- oxide O2- carbonate CO32- hypobromite BrO- sulfide S2- hydrogen carbonate (or bicarbonate) HCO3- bromite BrO2- nitride N3- chromate CrO42- bromate BrO3- azide N3- dichromate Cr2O72- perbromate BrO4- peroxide O22- silicate SiO32- hypoiodite I O- hydroxide OH- phosphate PO43- iodite I O2- hydrogen sufide HS- phosphite PO33- iodate I O3- acetate C2H3O2- hydrogen phosphate HPO42- periodate I O4- nitrate NO3- dihydrogen phosphate H2PO4- hydronium H3O+ nitrite NO2- cyanate OCN- ammonium NH4+ cyanide CN- thiocyanate SCN- mercury(I) Hg22+ ...
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