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C C G ba pr A ad de C C CH ourse Desc hemistry 16 eneral Chem ackground in repare you to re you a ca dequate stud efinitely wan ourse Web ontact: Dr. EM 133 ription : Th 61, Solid GE mistry course n the basics o successful andidate for dy effort, or i nt to conside site: http://c Manese Rab CH 3: Prepa his course is MS Chemis e and take 13 of chemistry lly complete Chem 133? if you find y er Chem 133 chem.rutgers beony; Tel: HEMIST aration f designed for try 161, or C 33 instead. y, problem-s Chemistry 1 ? If you did yourself havi 3. 732-445-632 TRY DEP for Chem
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Unformatted text preview: r students wh Chemistry 15 Chemistry 1 solving abilit 161 in the sp poorly on th ing increasin 011_chem_1 26; e-mail: m PARTME mistry/ ho need mor 59. Those w 133 is design ty, and quan pring semest he first exam ng difficulty 33 [email protected] ENT /FALL 20 re preparatio who enroll w ned to streng ntitative reas ter. – low C, D as the cours 011 on to succeed ill drop thei gthen your oning skills. or F despite se progresses d in r current . We will e s, you...
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