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Unformatted text preview: Spring 2011  ­ Prof. Bolden 189:101:04 Introduction to Communication Assignment 1 You are at a party. You mention that you are taking Communication 101 this semester. "Oh, Intro to Talking," your friend replies. USING ONE PAGE ONLY write a response to your friend, explaining (1) what communication is (2) why it might be important to know about it, and (3) what you expect to get out of the course. Your paper will get full credit if you provide complete answers to (1) – (3) above, and show that you have used all three of the following resources: • your intuitions • the textbook • any class discussions you consider relevant to the assignment. The assignment must be typed, single ­spaced. Please put both your Name and your Eden Username on your assignment. Use the following format to cite references (the APA format): • In text: o The textbook: (Ruben & Stewart, 2006, p. X) o Class notes: (Bolden, 2011) • In the reference list at the end of the paper: o Ruben, B. & Stewart, L. (2006). Communication and human behavior. 5th Edition. New York: Pearson. o Bolden, G. (2011). Class notes, Rutgers University, xx/xx/2011. Hand in a paper copy of your assignment at the beginning of the class on Wednesday February 2, 2011. • Late assignments will be penalized (10% deduction for each 24 hour period). To submit your late assignment, go to Sakai > Assignments > “Assignment 1” and follow the instructions. You can only submit late assignments this way. ...
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