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Unformatted text preview: Spring 2011  ­ Prof. Bolden 189:101:04 Introduction to Communication Assignment 2: Nonverbal Observations This exercise is designed to help you develop your observational skills and to increase your nonverbal awareness. Complete the following four tasks and record your observations, including what you saw others do and your own reactions. Be sure to report what you learned about nonverbal communication. 1. Get on an elevator. Watch as people come into the elevator. See how they position themselves, and how they use eye gaze and body position to communicate. Are words used among those who don’t appear to know each other? Can you tell if people are “together”? How? 2. The next time you have a conversation with a friend, notice how close you stand or sit to him/her. In your next conversation with a different friend, notice if the distance is similar to your distance from the first friend or different. How might you explain the difference or similarity? 3. As you wait at the beginning of a class, ride the bus, or sit in a dining hall, bar, or restaurant, notice how people “save” seats for others. What kinds of markers do they use? Are they successful in “saving” seats? 4. At a bar, party, or other social event, observe the crowd to see how people use eye gaze. Write down your observations with as much detail as possible, noting whether people look at each other across a crowded room, how long they sustain their gaze, etc. ________________________________________________________________________________ The assignment must be typed, single ­spaced. Your response to each of the above questions will be approximately half a page long. Please put both your Name and your Eden Username on your assignment. Make sure to keep an electronic copy of your work. Hand in a paper copy of your assignment at the beginning of the class on Wednesday, March 9, 2011. • Late assignments will be penalized (10% deduction for each 24 hour period). To submit your late assignment, go to Sakai > Assignments > “Assignment 2” and follow the instructions. You can only submit late assignments this way. • Do NOT email your assignment! Emailed assignments will NOT be accepted. ...
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