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Unformatted text preview: Spring 2011  ­ Prof. Bolden 189:101:04 Introduction to Communication Assignment 3 How have the new technologies changed communication at work? NEW DUE DATE: April 27, 2011 Choose an individual who has been in the working world for at least 15 years and schedule an interview with him or her. Plan your questions carefully to get at his/her perceptions of how new communication technologies have affected communication at work in general and his/her own working life in particular. Write a 2 ­3 page paper in which you apply the information you get from your interviewee to some issues and concepts raised in the textbook chapter on "Organizations" (Chapter 13). • Remember to either tape ­record your interview or take notes on it. ________________________________________________________________________________ The assignment must be typed, single ­spaced. Please put both your name and your Eden Username on your assignment. Please use proper citation format when referring to the textbook. You should have both in ­ text citations and a list of references at the end. See Assignment 1 instructions. You may also cite relevant lectures. Make sure to keep an electronic copy of your work. Hand in a paper copy of your assignment at the beginning of the class on Wednesday 4/27/2011. • Late assignments will be penalized (10% deduction for each 24 hour period). To submit your late assignment, go to Sakai > Assignments > “Assignment 3” and follow the instructions. You can only submit late assignments this way. • Do NOT email your assignment! Emailed assignments will NOT be accepted. ...
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