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Unformatted text preview: Spring 2011 – Prof. Bolden Comm 101 Making connections with “the real world” Two more extra credit assignment options Option 3: Project Civility (2 points) Participate in an event organized by Project Civility. Here is a brief description of the project from their website: Project Civility is a two ­year, university ­wide dialogue at Rutgers. […] We ask ourselves: Who are we, the members of the Rutgers community? How are we getting along with one another? How might we improve the quality of our day ­to ­day interactions? The list of upcoming events is available here: http://projectcivility.rutgers.edu/upcoming ­ events After the event, write a serious 1 ­2 page paper in which you report on the event (what exactly happened? what was the most interesting? etc.) and relate the topics discussed at the event to some of the theories and concepts examined in this class. Note: If you would like to attend two events, you can submit two assignments (not to exceed 5 extra ­credit points in total). Option 4: Intercultural Communication (2 points) Participate in an event that might be characterized as “intercultural.” This may be a cultural celebration, a religious ceremony, a festival, or simply a meal or an encounter at a store or at the hairdresser’s, where participants have different cultural backgrounds (however defined). During or immediately following the event, take notes on what took place. Pay particular attention to anything that seems “strange” to you or to any misunderstandings that might occur. After the event, write a serious 1 ­2 page paper in which you examine connections between what you observed and some of the theories and concepts examined in this class, especially with regards to how communication relates to “culture.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All extra credit assignments must be submitted on Sakai ON OR BEFORE Wednesday 4/27. To submit your work, go to Sakai>Assignments>Extra Credit Option X (3 or 4 depending on which option you are doing). Always save your work on your computer as backup. Use the APA format to cite references to the lectures and the textbook. (See Assignment 1 for details on how to do it.) The maximum number of extra credit points through assignments is 5 – so you can do several optional assignments. ...
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