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1121_EXP_1_HW - The uncertainty of each measurement is 0.01...

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Physics 1121 Exp. 1 Uncertainty of Volume Homework NAME _________________________________ 1) A man notices a vacant lot for sale. He finds the dimensions to be 18.3 m by 45.7 m. If both measurements have an uncertainty of 0.1 m, what is the uncertainty of its area? 2) If the person uses a more accurate instrument to measure the lot and finds it to be 18.33 m by 45.68 m both measurements with uncertainty 0.01 m, what is the uncertainty of area? 3) An interior decorator install an aquarium that is 0.50 m wide, 2.00 m deep, and 4.00 m long.
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Unformatted text preview: The uncertainty of each measurement is 0.01 m, what is the percent uncertainty in the volume? 4) A cube made of wood has sides 15.20 cm in length with an uncertainty of 0.05 cm. A cylindrical hole is drilled perpendicular to the cube from one side to the other. The diameter of the hole is 2.55 cm with 0.01 cm of uncertainty. What is the final volume of the cube and its uncertainty?...
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