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1121_EXP_11_HW - to answer this question 4 What is meant by...

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PHYS 1121 Exp. 11 Torque Homework NAME______________________________ 1. What two conditions must be met for an object to be in equilibrium? 2. What is meant by the “center of mass” of an object? 3. Do you think the center of mass of the torque bar used in Experiment 11 is at the center of the bar? If not, to which end is it the closest, L or R and why? (Refer to the Figure 11.2
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Unformatted text preview: to answer this question.) 4. What is meant by the term “lever arm?” 5. For the 0.8-m long, 1.2-kg iron bar shown in the figure, calculate the torque produced by the tension in the string about the pivot at the left end of the bar. The string is attached at the center of the bar, which is the center of mass of the bar....
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