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PHYS 1122 Exp. 5 RC Circuits Homework NAME_________________________ 1. A student built a simple RC circuit consisting of a 1000 ohms resistor, a 500 μF capacitor, and a 5 volts battery connected in series. If the capacitor was initially uncharged, how long does it take the voltage across it to reach 4 volts? 2. In the circuit from the question above, what is the current in the circuit 0.25 seconds after the capacitor
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Unformatted text preview: starts to charge? What is the current 60 seconds after the capacitor starts to charge? 3. A student discharged the capacitor in a simple RC circuit and used the data recorded to do the graph shown below, where V c is the voltage of the capacitor and V is the voltage of the battery. He used a 800 F capacitor in the circuit, find the value of the resistor....
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