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Physics 4321 Homework Set 5 October 5, 2008 Due: October 13, 2008 1. In class, we considered finding the potential V everywhere outside a grounded conducting sphere when a point charge was located a distance a from the center of the sphere. Suppose the sphere were held at constant potential V o instead of being grounded. (a) Where would you place a second image charge and how large should it be to solve for the potential everywhere outside the sphere? (b) Write an expression for the potential everywhere outside the sphere. 2. An infinitely long straight wire carrying a linear charge density λ is placed a distance d above a grounded conducting plane. Assume the conducting plane lies in the xy plane and that the line charge is along the x axis. (a) Find the potential in the regions above the plane. (b) Find the charge density induced on the conducting plane. 3. Two semi-infinite grounded, conducting planes meet at right angles. A point charge q is located a distance a from the x = 0 plane and a distance
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