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Regulations for Students Registered in Physics 1101 Spring 2012 Professor Lowell Wood, Laboratory Director, January 14, 2012 Web Site: 1. Students must attend the section for which they are officially registered and must have the prerequisites for PHYS1101. The prerequisite for PHYS1101 is credit for or concurrent enrollment in PHYS1301. Students who do not have the prerequisites should drop the course. You may check your registration status at any time the University registration system is available. Check with Dr. Wood in Room 512B SR if you have any questions concerning prerequisites. Please note that if you are dropped from Physics 1301 for not having the prerequisites and for not scoring sufficiently high on the diagnostic test, you will also be dropped from Physics 1101. 2. The laboratory is designed to accommodate 16 (235 F) or 20 (239 F) students. In general, no more than two students should work at any table. When unusual circumstances occur, the instructor may allow more than two students per table. Even in these situations, the number of students at each table should be equalized to the extent possible; i. e. , not 6 at one table and 2 at all others. 3. Accompanying each laboratory exercise is a homework exercise to be done before you come to the laboratory. These exercises are posted on the web site above and are due at the beginning of each laboratory. 4. Laboratory reports must be submitted on original laboratory manual pages at the conclusion of each
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PHYS1101_REGULATIONS_SPRING_2012 - Regulations for Students...

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