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feb 20 - -The Brooklyn bridge was built within 5 years some...

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-The Brooklyn bridge was built within 5 years; some people died from the working conditions -The wealthier people went to parks to enjoy things such as rides -Article People in “Little Italy , and Italian Harlem: Portrait of a community -Little Italy in lower Manhattan still exists. Why were they populated by Italians? Because 1. Was affordable 2. Was populated by other Italians 3. Many who already came were brought/ suggested to live in that area. Basically was simple to populate this area -How was the community established: settled down according to region and towns -the life of Italians in Harlem; about 35 blocks and reached a population of around 180,000 people -community life was in many ways complete; schools, restaurants, church. -heavy political involvement. Political involvement was very radical, socialists, communists -by 1890, was mostly occupied by Irish and Germans -The Grand Gennaro provides several info about the social structure of the communities -from farming to working in construction. Farmers had to remake themselves to work in
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