sociology! - As a student of the University of Texas I am...

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As a student of the University of Texas I am highly interested in making a greater impact on my community and nation. As I have grown intellectually over time and have become more socially aware, my passion to address the sociological issues of our nation has grown exponentially. As a result of my membership and experiences in the organization Sigma Delta Tau, I now feel more inclined to take the initiative in reducing the occurrence of these events and the prevalence of these problems in our nation. The University Panhellenic organization Sigma Delta Tau not only supports the involvement of its members in public, citywide volunteer projects but also promotes the separate and independent philanthropy of the nationwide organization PCAA, or Prevent Child Abuse America. Countrywide, the mission of this union aims at preventing the abuse and neglect of our nation’s children. This neglect refers to physical, sexual, educational, and emotional neglect of all children. To support this nationwide social cause, PCAA takes measures to inform the public on how the prevention of this neglect can help lower chronic adverse medical and emotional problems that typically reduce the health and well being of our nation’s children. PCAA supports public policies that provide services and access to children and families to promote their developmental needs. They serve as nationwide information hub aimed at preventing the neglect of children and families nationwide through research and awareness programs. PCAA supports this cause based on their organizational assumption that the abuse or neglect of our nation’s children not only has
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sociology! - As a student of the University of Texas I am...

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