Self and Soul Exam 2

Self and Soul Exam 2 - Self and Soul Exam 2 GUEST LECTURER...

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Self and Soul Exam 2: GUEST LECTURER--- Quiz Questions: 1) The ____ and _____ comprise the two major divisions of the human nervous system (Answer: Central Nervous System and Peripheral Nervous System) 2) Which of the following is not a lobe in your brain? (Answer: Spinal Cord) 3) The limbic system is credited with regulating _____ (Answer: Emotions) 4) Studies indicate that cells in the brain of patients with schizophrenia and mental retardation have more dendritic branching. True or False (Answer: False) Evidence Pointing to an important role for biology in behavior: *Missed first parts of notes, basic information on the brain regions and the anatomy of dendrites/neurons. Techniques Employed in Brain Science: Common types of lesions: (different ways you can remove something) 1) Electrolytic 2) Chemical 3) Radiofrequency 4) Physical: Can physically remove a brain region There are advantages and disadvantages to these different techniques. (damage in the LH not as key as projection through here). You can determine the importance of a certain brain region by depriving that certain region or removing that particular brain region. EX: There is a study that damage to the insula disrupts addiction to cigarette smoking. (These results help to show how the “insula” region of the brain is associated with the addictive behavior of smoking.) -- Addiction to cigarette smoking is very well linked to activity in this region of the brain. The opposite of lesions (subtraction) is stimulation (addition). If brain damage to an area impairs some behavior, then stimulation should enhance it. You can elicit a behavior by stimulating a certain brain area and you can remove a behavior by removing a certain area of the brain. There are TWO general forms of stimulation, chemical and electrical.
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Self and Soul Exam 2 - Self and Soul Exam 2 GUEST LECTURER...

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