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Self and Soul: What does it mean to be yourself? What does it mean to have a soul at all? Socrates answer: What does it mean to be yourself?-- SOUL. The real Socrates is the soul. We will talk about Decarte His answer to what does it mean to be yourself would be-- MIND We will look at the diff between MIND and SOUL. Some will say the real self is the body. Walt Whitman said even the soul is the body. Some even said there is no “self”. We will figure out what in the world that means. There is a great deal of wisdom in knowing who you are.
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Unformatted text preview: Clicker Questions: *Write a 2 page essay using this experiment: What would you say to your parents to show that you are still there if you morphed into an armadillo and were on your bed playing with your cell phone. Quote: “What in tarnation is that armadillo doing in my child’s bed with its hands on her cell phone?” What is most important about you being you? You must find a way to demonstrate this in your argument....
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