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Unformatted text preview: Lauren Franks and Karlyn Cotlow-Lopez April 11, 2011 Discussion Section: M 2-3 pm Topic: Confucianism Oral Presentation Outline Thesis: As time and the geographical and/or cultural environments of an era continually change and evolve, likewise do the individuals that constitute the society at that point in time. In order for each individual to obtain a personal state of self actualization and possess the raw “truth” of life, he or she must integrate the knowledge that he or she has acquired throughout life together with the consistency of his or her practice in order to develop certain traits of character. Through adherence to the principles dictated by the Odes, and by striving diligently to practice and promote good virtue, one is led close to the “truth”. In this paper I will address Confucius’ position on “self “ survivability in the context of socialization, provide information of the various theoretical viewpoints of other Self Cultivating programs and their views of self survivability,...
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