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N264 Presentation_Extra Credit (5)

N264 Presentation_Extra Credit (5) - that this is for one(1...

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N264 Nursing Research Spring 2011 Guidelines for Receiving Extra Credit for Attending a Research Presentation This is an individual assignment – you may not work with others to complete this assignment. You may receive one (1) extra credit point for a) attending a preapproved research conference, meeting, or presentation, and b) submitting a 1-2 page paper that answers the following questions. Use 3-4 sentences to address each question. Submit this form along with a title page that lists your name, course number (N264; day of class), and a statement
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Unformatted text preview: that this is for one (1) point extra credit. The maximum extra credit points that a student can earn in N264 is 2 points. 1. List the date, time, title of the presentation. Identify the presenter. 2. What type of research was presented? State whether it was quantitative or qualitative research, or both, and which reseasrch method was used. 3. What were the major findings from the study? 4. What did you learn from the presentation? 5. How can you apply this information this semester and when you become a nursing student and nurse?...
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