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I do not feel my score was accurate. I had 25 questions answered and either it was error on my part or on the website itself, my test closed out. The result of my test were 87 and most people scored 100, I tried to retake the test but the site would not allow it. I don’t think the site was biased in any way but I did question as to why they asked for my start sign and if I smoked or not, I do not see the relevance to those questions.
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Unformatted text preview: I do not feel that my scores should be shared with anyone else, it will not increase or decrease your score in any way. Instead it will make you feel either smart or dumb depending on how you scored. These scores should be kept between you, the company and the proffessor if needed, other than that the scores should be at the digression of the student if he or she wants to reveal the score to anyone else....
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