WKSet - EtcOldKey80=-1 EtcOldKey81=-1 EtcOldKey82=-1...

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[Main] ShowTip=1 IEData=2012-02-15 19:10 ADData=2012-02-15 [WarKey] Num7=103 Num8=104 Num4=100 Num5=101 Num1=97 Num2=98 Skill1=-1 Skill2=-1 Skill3=-1 Skill4=-1 EtcNewKey0=-1 EtcNewKey1=-1 EtcNewKey2=-1 EtcNewKey3=-1 EtcNewKey4=-1 EtcNewKey5=-1 EtcNewKey6=-1 EtcNewKey7=-1 EtcNewKey8=-1 EtcNewKey9=-1 EtcOldKey0=-1 EtcOldKey1=-1 EtcOldKey2=-1 EtcOldKey3=-1 EtcOldKey4=-1 EtcOldKey5=-1 EtcOldKey60=-1 EtcOldKey61=-1 EtcOldKey62=-1 EtcOldKey63=-1 EtcOldKey64=-1 EtcOldKey70=-1 EtcOldKey71=-1 EtcOldKey72=-1 EtcOldKey73=-1 EtcOldKey74=-1
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Unformatted text preview: EtcOldKey80=-1 EtcOldKey81=-1 EtcOldKey82=-1 EtcOldKey83=-1 EtcOldKey84=-1 EtcOldKey90=-1 EtcOldKey91=-1 EtcOldKey92=-1 EtcOldKey93=-1 EtcOldKey94=-1 [Chat] Alt0=1 Txt0=top ms care ! Alt9=1 Txt9=mid ms care ! Alt8=1 Txt8=btm ms care ! Alt7=1 Txt7=-random Alt6=1 Txt6=-water 255 0 255 AltX=0 [Options] DimKey=0 AltNumKey=0 AltQWASZX=1 LockMouse=0 EnemyHP=1 AllyHP=0 DisLWin=0 DisRWin=0 HideMe=0 EtcDimKey=0 MoreDimKey=0 NotNUMKey=1 NotABCKey=0...
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This note was uploaded on 02/15/2012 for the course ECON eg1101 taught by Professor Enna during the Spring '11 term at American Indian College.

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WKSet - EtcOldKey80=-1 EtcOldKey81=-1 EtcOldKey82=-1...

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