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Planning and Reflection Discussion 1 - my next course I can...

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How did you feel when you first started and How do you feel now? When I first started my online course, I felt a little scared and nervous because I didn’t think that I could do the work without a teacher. After I finished the first week it made me feel more comfortable because I saw that others were just as nervous as I was. Now I feel that this is a great way to learn and I am glad that I get to have the online classroom experience. What did you learn? What things can you do to better your next course? I learnt that if I manage my time and set a schedule it will help me not have to rush to finish my work. I think that if I have a schedule I can do my work on my time and still meet deadlines. For
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Unformatted text preview: my next course I can keep to a schedule and have a set time, I can make it through my next course without having late or incorrect work. I will also become more involved in the discussions that way I can see how others look at things. What things went well and you would like to continue doing? Something that went well for me was the whole learning process. I have learned a lot from this online experience. I would like to continue on this journey to earning my degree and further my education. I like how having to discuss a situation and getting others opinions on the topic of discussion....
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