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Difference between College-level and Casual Writing The difference between College-level writing and casual writing is that college writing should be used in an academic or professional writing environment. College writing has proper spelling, correct grammar usage, and language. Casual writing is used in text messages, emails, or instant messages. Casual writing usually doesn’t have proper sentence structure and has a relaxed type of writing. Identify the Step that needs to be improved
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Unformatted text preview: Makin a schedule is something that I need to improve. I never stop to think about how much time it will take me to finish something. I just try to rush through it, which causes error in my work. Actions I will do to work on this Step The actions I will do to work on making a schedule will be to set a time frame that I can do my work or read my chapter instead of doing it all at the same time. If I can set a time to do my work I believe it will improve my work and performance....
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