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Test Material: Sharp Printing Case What would you do if you were the project manager (Lauren?) o Was top management acting correctly in developing an estimate? o It was okay for them to come up with a rough estimate was fine What estimating techniques should be used for a mission critical project such as this? o Micro The company decided to abandon the project. Scope- everything from 1 st class to sept 20 th Slides/readings/cases/articles Several problems- Work breakdown structure o Give a project and youll develop a partial WBS (15 elements)
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Unformatted text preview: o Use outline or diagram style • Payback- numbers will be simple enough to figure out payback period • NPV- wont calculate, just set it up • Weighted scoring-fill in scoring sheet with info criteria • Project network- for you to draw- using notation • Assign project and have to describe sections (milestones, deliverables) 1 matching questions vocab (15 parts) T/f Mult choice Short answer- 1 or 2 sentences Panama city canal questions...
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