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04_Correlation - the relationship Write in your guess below...

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PsychSim 5: CORRELATION Name: __________________________________________ Section: ________________________ Date: __________________________________________ This activity demonstrates the use of scatterplots to visualize positive and negative relationships. Positive Correlation What does it mean to say that two variables are positively correlated? Negative Correlation What does it mean to say that two variables are negatively correlated? Uncorrelated Variables What does it mean to say that two variables are uncorrelated? Correlation Coefficient What is a correlation coefficient? Why Use It? What value or benefit would a researcher gain by calculating a correlation coefficient rather than simply describing the relationship as a positive correlation or a negative correlation? Estimating the Relationship Look at the scatterplots and try to estimate the direction (positive or negative) and the strength of
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Unformatted text preview: the relationship. Write in your guess below. o Scatterplot 1 _______ o Scatterplot 4 _______ o Scatterplot 2 _______ o Scatterplot 5 _______ o Scatterplot 3 _______ o Scatterplot 6 _______ Causality and Predictability • The presence of a correlation between two variables doesn’t prove that certain values on one vari-able ________________ high or low values on the other. It merely demonstrates that the two vari-ables are _____________________ in some way. • The relationship between two correlated variables has __________________________________ . This means that if a strong correlation exists between variables, then knowing a person’s score on one variable allows us to predict a person’s score on the other variable. PsychSim 5: Correlation 17...
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