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PsychSim 5: YOUR MIND ON DRUGS Name: __________________________________________ Section: ________________________ Date: __________________________________________ In this activity you will explore the behavioral effects of some common drugs that influence the brain— producing changes in our arousal level, our mood, our perception of our environment, and our actions. How Do Psychoactive Drugs Work? What are the main ways drugs get into our bloodstream? What are the three phases of drug effects? Drugs and Neurotransmitters How are psychoactive drugs categorized? Name one example of a drug in each of the three main
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Unformatted text preview: categories. • Explain the difference between drug agonists and drug antagonists. Drug Tolerance • What is drug tolerance? What are the two reasons for the development of tolerance? Addiction Experiment • After experimenting with the injection of various solutions into specific areas of a rat’s brain and observing the subsequent bar-pressing behavior, what conclusions did you draw from the rat’s behavior? What type of injection seemed to be more pleasurable for the rat? Did the location of the injection make a difference? PsychSim 5: Your Mind On Drugs 35...
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