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24_Forgetting - Comparing the Results • How did your...

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PsychSim 5: FORGETTING Name: __________________________________________ Section: ________________________ Date: __________________________________________ This activity will help you understand one of the reasons why we forget information – interference. Encoding Failure What does an encoding failure mean in terms of memory? Encoding Example Did you remember the duplicate letter? _______________ Why do most people have difficulty with this task? Other Failures What other explanations are there for our failure to recall information at a later time?
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Unformatted text preview: Comparing the Results • How did your results differ on Trial 1 versus Trial 2? Other Types of Interference • Name and briefly describe two types of interference that affect memory during processing and storage. 1. 2. Paired-Associates Study Trials • What was your score on Test 1? ________ • What was your score on Test 2? ________ • What was your score on Test 3? ________ What did your results on the three trials indicate? PsychSim 5: Forgetting 45...
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