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PsychSim 5: WHEN MEMORY FAILS Name: __________________________________________ Section: ________________________ Date: __________________________________________ This activity explores severe memory loss—how it happens and what impact it has on behavior. Forms of Long-Term Memory Researchers believe that there are distinct forms of long-term memory, each designed to handle specific types of information or experiences. Match the name of the form to its description below. o ___ Explicit Memory A. Behaviors or emotions that occur automatically as reactions to outside events as a result of past associa- tions o ___ Implicit Memory B. Memory of skills or behaviors that can be retrieved without conscious awareness o
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Unformatted text preview: ___ Semantic Memory C. Knowledge of the specific events or episodes in your own life history o ___ Episodic Memory D. General knowledge about the world that isn’t identi-fied with a particular event in your life o ___ Procedural Memory E. Memory of facts and events that can be consciously retrieved o ___ Conditioned Response F. Memory of highly practiced skills Memory and the Brain • Which two areas of the brain are believed to be most involved in long-term memory? 1. 2. Damage to the Cerebellum and Implicit Memory • If a person has damage to the cerebellum, but no damage to the hippocampus, what would you predict about their memory loss? PsychSim 5: When Memory Fails 47...
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