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PsychSim 5: GET SMART Name: __________________________________________ Section: ________________________ Date: __________________________________________ This activity will explore the concept of intelligence and some of the methods of measuring intelligence. Intelligence and Adaptability What does it mean to say that intelligence is a social construct? What do two children from dramatically different cultures (a boy working on an arrow and a girl working on a computer) have in common? Verbal Versus Nonverbal Abilities Describe one verbal and one performance subtest of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale
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Unformatted text preview: (WAIS). Multiple Intelligences • Name and describe four of Gardner’s eight “intelligences.” Match Sternberg’s three “intelligences” with their descriptors: o _____ Analytic A. Problem-solving in everyday tasks o _____ Practical B. Problem-solving in novel tasks o _____ Creative C. Problem-solving in structured, well-defined tasks Emotional Intelligence • Define “emotional intelligence.” 52 PsychSim 5: Get Smart...
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