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39_MysteryTherapist - As you tried to identify the various...

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PsychSim 5: MYSTERY THERAPIST Name: __________________________________________ Section: ________________________ Date: __________________________________________ This activity will test your knowledge of the various types of psychotherapy. The Specific Types of Therapies Complete the table below by filling in one main point about each of the eight types of therapy and listing the case number and name of the client receiving that type of treatment. Commonalities of Effective Therapies
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Unformatted text preview: As you tried to identify the various types of therapies represented in this activity, did you notice any common themes that ran through all of the therapies? PsychSim 5: Mystery Therapist 65 Type of Therapy Brief Description Case Number and Client Psychoanalysis Client-centered therapy Systematic desensitization Aversive conditioning Cognitive therapy for depression Family therapy Drug therapy Electroconvulsive therapy...
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