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100cal - Course Outline Tests and Assignment Due Dates...

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Course Outline, Tests and Assignment Due Dates Welcome to Psychology 100 Please read the Modules before class. Please note the assigned Module number(s); we will not be discussing all of the modules from the text. In class we will focus on key concepts from the assigned modules, other concepts in modules not discussed are your responsibility. Bring any and all questions and we'll discuss them in class. This is the anticipated schedule, we may be a bit ahead or behind as the semester progresses. Summary notes from class will be available online on Blackboard, but they will not be able to include all the details, discussions, Q & A's or class demonstrations. For these you gotta come to class. (hint!) Class Dates Anticipated Topics and Class Activities Aug. 31 Welcome and introductions. We'll talk about how things will work during the semester. Modules 1 & 2 - Historical and scientific basis of psychology. (I suggest you also read Appendix A - Statistical Reasoning, it will be helpful for our discussions and as you read through the text.)
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