Is It Aggression - Two concentration camp inmates fight...

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PsychInquiry CD Activity name: Is It Aggression? Student’s name: Instructions: Complete this worksheet and hand it in to your instructor. Questions 1. Fill in this table with your data from this activity. Statement Without Definition With Definition 1. Texas executes a convicted murderer. 2. A Mother spanks her three-year- old daughter for coloring on the walls. 3. After losing a game of checkers, a ten-year-old kicks his pet cat. 4. A Hunter shoots a rabbit. 5. A salesman works 15 hours daily in an effort to win the company’s monthly sales award. 6. A wrestler pins his opponent. 7.
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Unformatted text preview: Two concentration camp inmates fight over a piece of bread. 8. A nurse gives a polio vaccination to a screaming child. 9. A teacher lowers a student’s grade on a late paper. 10. A baseball player breaks his bat after striking out. 11. A shopper cuts in line in front of others to make a purchase. 12. A young woman shoots mace at her assailant. 13. An employee thinks about shooting his employer. 14. A woman passes along rumors about her neighbor’s sex life. 2. Based on the activity’s explanation of the data in the table above, how might you define instrumental aggression?...
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Is It Aggression - Two concentration camp inmates fight...

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