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Modules_Appendix A_Web Quiz 2 - a. range b. mean c....

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MyersExp7e Modules_Appendix A_Web Quiz 2 1.Ahmed has five sisters who are 3, 3, 5, 9, and 10 years of age. The number "5" represents the ________ of the sisters' ages. a. mode b. median c. mean d. range 2.The ________ can be a particularly misleading indication of what is average for a ________ distribution of scores. a. mean; skewed b. median; skewed c. mean; normal d. median; normal 3.The ________ is a measure of ________. a. median; variation b. range; central tendency c. standard deviation; variation d. correlation coefficient; central tendency 4.The maximum height of a normal curve corresponds to the ________ of a normal distribution.
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Unformatted text preview: a. range b. mean c. standard deviation d. statistical significance 5.When people's symptoms of emotional distress are at their worst, whatever they do to try to alleviate the condition is likely to be followed by improvement rather than further deterioration. This is best explained in terms of: a. the standard deviation. b. illusory correlation. c. the "decline effect." d. regression toward the mean. 6.Differences between two samples are least likely to be statistically significant if the samples are ________ and the standard deviations of the samples are ________. a. small; small. b. large; large. c. small; large. d. large; small....
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Modules_Appendix A_Web Quiz 2 - a. range b. mean c....

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