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Modules_Ch03_Web Quiz 1 - 4. Botox injections smooth facial...

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MyersExp7 Modules_Ch03_Web Quiz 1 1. Who would have been most likely to claim that a slight protrusion in a certain region of someone's skull indicated that the individual had an optimistic personality? a. Charles Sherrington b. Aristotle c. John Locke d. Franz Gall 2. Drugs that block the reuptake of serotonin will thereby increase the concentration of serotonin molecules in the: a. axon terminals. b. synaptic gaps. c. stem cells. d. endocrine glands. 3. Natural, opiatelike neurotransmitters linked to pain control are called: a. ACh agonists. b. dendrites. c. morphene antagonists. d. endorphins.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Botox injections smooth facial wrinkles because botulin is a(n): a. ACh antagonist. b. dopamine antagonist. c. ACh agonist. d. dopamine agonist. 5. In stressful situations, the sympathetic nervous system ________ blood sugar levels and ________ the pupils of the eyes. a. lowers; dilates b. raises; contracts c. lowers; contracts d. raises; dilates 6. The endocrine system consists of: a. dendrites. b. neural networks. c. interneurons. d. glands. 7. Which of the following chemical messengers is both a neurotransmitter and a hormone? a. serotonin b. acetylcholine c. norepinephrine d. dopamine...
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Modules_Ch03_Web Quiz 1 - 4. Botox injections smooth facial...

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