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Modules_Ch06_Web Quiz 1

Modules_Ch06_Web Quiz 1 - teaching them loyalty to their...

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MyersExp7 Modules_Ch06_Web Quiz 1 1. Premature babies are especially likely to gain weight if stimulated by: a. sound and music. b. light and colors. c. touch and massage. d. movement and acceleration. 2. At a social gathering, Latin Americans may behave in a manner that North Americans consider intrusive and overly expressive. This best illustrates the importance of being sensitive to differing: a. norms. b. genomes. c. gender identities. d. behavior genetics. 3. Displays of self-effacing humility are most characteristic of those who value: a. individualism. b. gender-typing. c. collectivism. d. gender schemas. 4. Over the last century, Western parents have placed ________ priority on teaching children to respect and obey parents and ________ priority on
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Unformatted text preview: teaching them loyalty to their country. a. decreasing; increasing b. increasing; decreasing c. decreasing; decreasing d. increasing; increasing 5. Compared with males, females are more likely to base their sense of personal identity on their: a. gender. b. social relationships. c. educational accomplishments. d. socially distinctive personality traits. 6. The acquisition of a traditional masculine or feminine role is called: a. sexual orientation. b. behavior genetics. c. gender-typing. d. gender identification. 7. Concepts of masculinity and femininity that influence our perceptions are called gender: a. types. b. schemas. c. roles. d. complexes....
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Modules_Ch06_Web Quiz 1 - teaching them loyalty to their...

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