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Modules_Ch08_Web Quiz 1 - known as: a. accommodation. b....

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MyersExp7 Modules_Ch08_Web Quiz 1 1. Two closed, pyramid-shaped beakers containing clearly identical amounts of a liquid are judged by a child to hold different amounts after one of the beakers is inverted. The child apparently lacks a: a. sense of object permanence. b. concept of conservation. c. capacity for imprinting. d. secure attachment. 2. A child's realization that others may have beliefs which the child knows to be false best illustrates the development of: a. object permanence. b. egocentrism. c. a theory of mind. d. stranger anxiety. 3. The process of imprinting occurs during a brief developmental phase
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Unformatted text preview: known as: a. accommodation. b. the preoperational stage. c. maturation. d. a critical period. 4. Although 3-year-old Adam happily explores the attractive toys located in the dentist's waiting room, he periodically returns to his mother's side for brief moments. Adam most clearly displays signs of: a. secure attachment. b. object permanence. c. egocentrism. d. conservation. 5. "I don't care whether you want to wash the dishes, you will do so because I said so!" This statement is most representative of a(n) ________ parenting style. a. preconventional b. authoritative c. formal operational d. authoritarian...
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Modules_Ch08_Web Quiz 1 - known as: a. accommodation. b....

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