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Modules_Ch10_Web Quiz 1 - c recalling previously presented...

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MyersExp7 Modules_Ch10_Web Quiz 1 1. Physical abilities such as muscular strength, reaction time, sensory keenness, and cardiac output reach their peak during: a. late adolescence. b. early adulthood. c. puberty. d. middle adulthood. 2. When progressing through their adult lives, women demonstrate a slower reduction in ________ than do men. a. egocentrism b. brain weight c. reproductive capacity d. secondary sex characteristics 3. On which of the following tasks is a 20-year-old most likely to outperform a 70-year-old? a. recalling previously presented nonsense syllables b. recognizing previously presented foreign-language words
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Unformatted text preview: c. recalling previously presented names of cities d. recognizing previously presented names of fruits and vegetables 4. The age at which people are expected to leave home, get a job, and marry has changed dramatically in Wallonia over the past 50 years. Developmentalists would say that the country's ________ has been altered. a. social clock b. developmental norm c. maturation cycle d. family calendar 5. According to Erikson, adolescence is to identity as late adulthood is to: a. integrity. b. autonomy. c. generativity. d. intimacy....
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Modules_Ch10_Web Quiz 1 - c recalling previously presented...

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