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Modules_Ch15_Web Quiz 1 - a Stage 2 b Stage 3 c Stage 4 d...

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MyersExp7 Modules_Ch15_Web Quiz 1 1. Drivers detect traffic signals more slowly if they are also conversing on a cellphone. This best illustrates the impact of: a. choice blindness. b. selective attention. c. hypnagogic sensations. d. neuroadaptation. 2. The simultaneous processing of information on many parallel tracks is most closely associated with: 3. Staying up especially late on weekends is most likely to have an influence on: 4. Sleepwalking is most likely to be associated with ________ sleep.
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Unformatted text preview: a. Stage 2 b. Stage 3 c. Stage 4 d. REM 5. A recurring sleep stage during which most vivid dreams commonly occur is known as ________ sleep. a. Stage 2 b. Stage 3 c. Stage 4 d. REM 6. Which of the following sleep disorders is most strongly associated with obesity? a. narcolepsy b. insomnia c. night terrors d. sleep apnea 7. The distinction between manifest content and latent content is central to ________ theory of dreams. a. the activation-synthesis b. the memory consolidation c. Freud's wish-fulfillment d. the cognitive development...
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